Aspraes has assisted some of the most respected and influential interior design practices by supplying the highest quality soft furnishings

Bespoke Soft Furnishings & Upholstery

Our commitment to function and beauty is unwavering. Each project is a canvas for us to demonstrate our meticulous attention to detail, culminating in the most flawless finish. It is this unyielding pursuit of excellence that defines our business and brings about the bonds we share with our valued clients.

Our niche is very much high end and we pride ourselves on our experience and the outstanding high quality of finish. With our interior design services including; curtains, blinds, fabric walling and upholstery. Precision and expertise sit at the heart of everything we do and our team are well versed in crafting extraordinary solutions, regardless of the project scale.

Discover the Aspraes difference – where artistry, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction converge to create the most beautiful classic and contemporary spaces.