Fabric wall covering

Beautiful, functional and versatile

Often associated with traditional interiors; fabric walling is an increasingly favoured option for high end interiors. We have honed our skills over many years in traditional, flipped, panelled and track system walling allowing us to utilise the most appropriate method for each project to ensure the desired aesthetic is achieved.

As a functional wallcovering option, enhancing insulation and acoustic properties, it is also beautiful – adding depth and texture whilst providing a delicate foundation for the interior to spring from. Layering of textures and finishes within interiors to create elegant and luxurious environments can be achieved through the selection of fabric walling. Alongside its versatility, fabric walling makes for a truly distinctive finish where it can be deployed to work in conjunction with multiple layers of fabrics and tactile materials within a space or to soften the use of industrial or hard surfaces.

From traditional damasks with braiding to clean lines of leather panelling, there are a plethora of design options available to enhance every interior. Lending itself well to multi-use spaces, fabric walling is particularly beneficial in areas where acoustic control is required such as golf simulators, cinema rooms, bars, restaurants and boardrooms.